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Inbound marketing means consumer centric marketing, attracting people who are likely to buy from you, when they’re researching for the product or service you provide.

Today, the term ‘inbound’ is being adapted for other departments that have a direct relationship with the buyers, including sales, IT and service.

Inbound is a philosophy and a methodology that influences more than just marketing tactics like content, search and social media, but also the way the entire company should view and treat people...

... at TIMCo, we call it the Inbound Culture.

Businesses that don’t adapt to this new movement are at risk of falling behind. This is why we've published this guide.

At the end of reading this guide you’ll understand:

  • why marketers need to rethink their strategies
  • how the inbound philosophy has changed marketing
  • how your buyers have changed and what you need to do
  • why the inbound philosophy applies to your entire organisation not just marketing

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