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A step by step guide to generating leads from your website


Get Leads

Get Leads

Need to convert more website visitors into leads?

Converting your website visitors into leads is the second stage of the inbound marketing methodology. If you completed your buyer’s journey and content strategy as mentioned in the Get Found stage, you will have a solid understanding of what information your customers are looking for at each stage of the buying process.

Many organisations make the mistake of only publishing offers on their website that appeal to people ready to buy, which  means they’re missing out on converting people at the beginning of the buying process. By having offers in place that convert people at the beginning of the buying process you have the competitive advantage to build a relationship with them along their journey so when they are ready to buy your business will be one they know and trust.


How TIMCo can help 

Our team of qualified and certified inbound marketers can write and publish premium content that is aligned with information your buyers are looking for and will position your organisation as a thought leader.  The value of  premium content to your buyers means that you can request personal information like their name and email address, before they’re able to view the content, this is known as gated content. The key to this strategy being successful is knowing what information your buyers will find helpful and publishing it on a landing page that meets best practices for high conversion rates. In addition to premium content and landing pages, our marketing team can create email marketing campaigns and workflows to boost conversions and nurture leads long the buying process so they are sales ready. This process is also known as sales enablement.  


We offer the following services to convert more website visitors into leads:

  • Hubspot Marketing
    •  Landing page
    •  Conversion forms
    •  Thank you page 
    •  Workflows 
    •  Email
  • Content
    • Ebooks, how to guides or other premium content
    • Landing page content
    • Email
  • Design
    •  Landing page
    •  Ebook or other premium content
    •  CTA buttons

Hi, I'm Stacie, Inbound Strategist and Owner at TIMCo.

I have a passion for helping business owners achieve their growth goals with effective and scalable marketing & sales processes. To find out how I can help you please fill out the inquiry form below to schedule an initial discovery call directly with me.