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Keywords are the words your buyers use – it’s easy to use industry jargon and words we use everyday to explain our products and services – but often these are not the words buyers use.  Our process is to first understand your Buyer Persona, then identify the words they use when searching, and finally identify which keywords to use in content creation. Once we’re clear on relevant keywords – words your buyers use, we then identify which keywords are relatively easy to rank for.

There’s little value in targeting high volume keywords if it has a high difficulty or competition. This means it’s virtually impossible to rank for, or it may be too broad. Remember the purpose to driving traffic to your site is to convert them into leads and customers, so often its best practice to target words that are more relevant to your buyers’ search with less volume. For example: the word marketing is very broad – people could be searching for this keyword for many different reasons. We want people who are looking for: inbound marketing agency or help with marketing.