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Customers have changed the way they get information, research and purchase. Companies that change with consumers, and provide the information for which their prospects are looking will be the success stories of today, and the future.

Search marketing is about understanding how your target market searches online. It’s understanding; how they behave, how to engage with them, and how to pull them into your funnel and convert to a customer.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center  reports that 78% of adult internet users in the U.S. do product or service research online.

Google continues to dominate the search marketing industry with close to 70% market share. For this reason we focus the majority of our efforts on staying up to date with Google's continual changes and updates to their algorithmns. The most valuable tactic for search marketing, and to increase your search rank position is publishing content; blogging, web pages, pdf documents, videos and images.


The purpose of search marketing is to help your prospects find YOU, not your competition when they're searching online. The correct approach to search marketing will help you identify what information you need to have on your website to pull your target audience into your marketing funnel.

Customer focused (rather than search engine focused) SEO is your competitive advantage!

How we help

  • Identify your buyer personas.
  • Determine the best keywords for your business. These are the keywords your audience uses.
  • On-page SEO – Optimise your web pages for your keywords to increase their chance of showing up in the search results.
  • Off-page SEO – increase inbound links to your web pages to increase their chance of showing up in the search results. This improves your authority and is very important to search marketing.
  • Content creation - writing, publishing and promotion. According to Google this is the best tactic for search marketing.
  • Website – information, layout and navigation – to improve visitor experience and increase lead conversions.
  • Coaching and/or implementation and management.
  • Analysis and reporting.
  • Software and tools.

Your next step

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