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About TIMCo

The Inbound Marketing Company (TIMCo) is a global Inbound Marketing and Sales Agency based in Australia, with clients in North America and Australia.

As one of the first agencies to be certified by Hubspot in 2009, TIMCo is one of the original inbound marketing and Hubspot partner agencies.

Leveraging this experience and expertise, the TIMCo team today specialises in meeting the marketing and sales needs of growth-driven small-to-mid size organisations.

What makes TIMCo different?

Here at TIMCo, Inbound isn’t just in our name – it’s part of our DNA.

Inbound marketing is permission-based, customer-centric marketing. It’s an approach that is integral to everything we do.

As an inbound marketing and sales agency, we understand that our success is based on your success. That is why our focus is on getting you the results to help your business grow and thrive.

We understand what it’s like to be a small to medium sized organisation in a digital world. We are small enough and agile enough to adapt to your rapidly changing needs, but large enough to offer a team of talented marketers who are really good at what they do.

Our Values

Below are the fundamental values of TIMCO and its team, so you can be assured of the highest standard of customer support, service and results.

Trust  - you can trust TIMCo to deliver the highest quality work on time.

Integrity - you can rely on TIMCo to represent and build your brand to your market.

Moral - we won’t deliver anything that is less than our very best work, and the right thing for your business

Credible - you can be confident in our ability to provide expert advice and recommendations to help you turn your business dreams into reality.

Open - our processes are transparent so you have visibility into what we’re working on at any time.

We love helping people turn their business dreams into reality.


stacie-chalmers-807372-edited.jpgManaging Director. Stacie’s expertise comes from 20 years of experience working in large publicly traded corporations, mid-sized private firms and being a co-owner of a successful small business. Working with Stacie, means you’re working with a business owner who is committed to getting results, for YOU. Integrity and results are what motivates Stacie. She’s committed to providing a service that is professional, friendly, enjoyable and exceeds the expectations of her clients. When she’s not busy running TIMCo, Stacie is happily married and has two wonderful children. She loves to spend time with family and friends; walking, bike riding, shopping and learning how to make most out of her life.  



Ally Burnie BioCopywriter: With a love and passion for the written-word, Ally has 6+ years’ experience in SEO blogging, creative copywriting, content marketing and social media. Writing across a broad range of style and topics, Ally is known for her entertaining prose, fast turnaround times and overall knack for crafting on-point and on-brand copy every time. When Ally isn’t writing or reading a good book, you’ll find her outdoors in nature, usually on a hike or at the beach.




armando.jpgCOS Developer. Armando is the team's development guru, a tech genius who lives and breathes code. Custom modules, responsive design, and best-of-class implementations: no matter the task, the solution is at hand after a few hours at the keyboard. Armando is also an expert at platform integration: his expertise across multiple solutions makes it easy for different platforms to work in unison with Hubspot. The computer keyboard is not Armando's only instrument of choice: when he is not performing miraculous dev feats, he can be found slapping on his bass guitar.