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How Inbound Marketing Will Help Australian SMBs Beat the GFC

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 06-Jun-2012 10:29:00

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Inbound Marketing is a methodology based on:

  • Get Found
  • Convert (Leads and Customers)
  • Analyze

The word "Inbound" means to pull in, or attract. Inbound Marketing means to pull prospects into your marketing funnel and to nurture them and get them sales ready. Traditional marketing tactics like; cold calling, poorly targeted advertising and direct mail are expensive, and yield a poor return ROI.

In simple terms, inbound marketing is about your prospects finding YOU when they're looking! And its about building trust and credibility with your target audience. Good ole fashioned business values,  leveraging today's technology. That's not to say this is easy, nothing worthwhile ever is - but like all things you put in the effort and you'll see the rewards.

SMBs all across the US that have adopted the inbound marketing methodology, have not only survived the toughest climate the US has seen since the great depression, but also thrived. So there is no reason Inbound marketing won't work for Australian SMBs too.

The GFC means Australian SMBs need to get smarter with their marketing. In order to survive, SMBs need to learn better marketing tactics so they can:

  • reduce their marketing spend
  • reduce their cost per lead and acquisition
  • increase their ROI
  • increase leads and customers
  • grow their business

The Inbound Marketing Company was founded by myself Stacie Chalmers in 2009, an Aussie who has been living in the US for the past 6 years. As of June 2012 Im returning to Sydney and teaming up with my Aussie husband Andrew to bring Inbound Marketing to Australian SMBs. We'll be running seminars and webinars once we get settled so please subscribe to our blog to receive the updates. We're also on Linked In, Twitter and Facebook all the links are on the side of this blog - we'd love to meet you so please join us. If you have any questions about how Inbound Marketing can help you grow your business please use the comment section below, post on our Facebook timeline or send an email: stacie[at]theinboundmarketingcompany[dot]com.

Over the years Ive published several articles on Inbound Marketing, and to make your research easy Ive compiled a list of them all below.

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