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What I Learned About Business (and you can too) From Playing Golf

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Earlier this year in October, I found myself standing on a golf course for the very first time. I’ve been talking about learning how to play golf as part of my “semi retirement” plan for a while now, and with no plans to retire or semi retire any time soon, I was learning how to play the sport sooner than expected. Another thing I didn’t expect were the lessons about business, marketing and sales I would learn from golf. I know, it sounds like a weird parallel, but hear me out.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 04 December 2019 17:18:37

Topics: Sydney Hills Business, Strategic Planning, Business Strategy

Learn The 7 Tips To Help Small Business Market Better and Grow

Are you spending too much money on marketing your business, with poor results - but you keep doing the same thing because you're not sure what else to do?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you feel you fall into this category when it comes to marketing your business then it's time to change the way you market.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 24 October 2012 08:13:00

Topics: Content Marketing, Small Business Marketing, Strategic Planning

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