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Is Time Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 01-Aug-2012 20:09:00

no time for inbound marketingI know it's mine! It seems the more advanced we get with technology, technology to increase productivity, improve life etc, the less time we have.

With technology changing consumer behaviour - marketers are now more time poor than ever before.  Business owners and marketers now need to find the time to learn about SEO, understand social media, and stay up to date with changes to technology. Taking educational classes often means homework, so not only have you spent precious time away from your job to attend a presentation or class, you now need to find more time to do the homework - implement what you learned.

So we decided to launch the Inbound Marketing Workshop where attendees will actually be working on their own marketing. 

You'll learn marketing time management skills like;

  • How to systemise your marketing.
  • How to plan ahead, your marketing and lead generation tactics.
  • How to focus only on the marketing tactics that are right for your business.

The first part of the workshop will focus on education, the second half will be implementation - you'll take action on what you've learned, so you won't leave with a pile of notes and to do's that you'll never have time to fulfil. The bonus is that it's only a 2 hour workshop that will finish before lunchtime so you don't lose an entire day either.

Click here to learn more about the Inbound Marketing Workshop.

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