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The Inbound Marketing Book: A Valuable Resource For Business

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 19-Oct-2009 22:00:00

inbound marketing bookWe're living in a revolution and Inbound Marketing is at the forefront of this revolution, says David Meerman-Scott in his Foreward of the new book Inbound Marketing Get Found Using Google, Social Media and Blogs. He goes as far to say that traditional marketers need to unlearn what they've been taught, in order to learn the new rules of Inbound Marketing and continues with saying that the outbound marketing era, also known as interruptive or push marketing is over. 

I love this quote...

"Direct Mail is what you send as a marketer. Junk mail is what you receive as a consumer."

We can't deny that the internet, websites and social media are changing consumer behavior and the way we do business.  Based on current growth stats of internet usage and social media sites, any rooky could surmise that marketing is changing. So I tend to agree with David, a new era in marketing is dawning and Inbound Marketing is leading the way.  The internet has leveled the playing field for business, no longer can large corporations gain market dominance because of their large advertising budget.  It doesn't matter what size your company is or how much you have available for marketing, at this point in the game it is just a matter of starting.

So where do you start, what are the new rules, what do you need to do, when, how and why?

The Inbound Marketing Book does more than just explain terms such as: search engine optimization, blogging and social media, or how to use; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  At the end of this book you'll understand the value and purpose that Google, search engine optimization, your website, blogging and social media bring to your business. How they serve as the tools to achieve your business goals such as; lead generation, brand awareness, market research, competitor analysis, public relations and customer relations.  Plus you'll know what you need to be measuring to identify your return on investment (ROI), cost per lead and cost per acquisition (customer), which are crucial to any business success. The authors Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah explain what can be complicated technical jargon to many business owners and marketers, in simple business terms with practical examples, case studies and an action plan to get you started.

If marketing your business is about creating awareness, getting ahead of the competition, generating leads, knowing how to nurture those leads until they're sales ready and how to test and measure results and ROI, then The Inbound Marketing Book, available through Amazon, is the business reference guide for you.

If you know someone in marketing or business please let them know about the Inbound Marketing Book.   And if you're using social media  please Tweet, Digg or use whatever your social media site of preference is to share this article to marketers and business owners around the globe.

What are your thoughts on Inbound Marketing? Are you planning on reading the book? Why or why not?


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