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SEO Ignorance Is Not Bliss For SME Marketers: 14 Tips To Help

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 10-Oct-2012 08:03:00

SEO for SME MarketersGoogle does it again - more changes to it's algorithm in an attempt to reward quality, reputable sites and penalise poor quality and spammy sites. Learn more about these updates here.

As a marketer are you keeping up with the constant changes Google are making to search results? Does this change your marketing tactics, or do you pay an SEO expert? Are you aware that traditional SEO tactics may be hurting your search results in Google?

My concern is that many business owners and marketers don't really understand SEO or they have misconceptions about effective tactics to help them rank in Google search results.

Marketers claiming ignorance about SEO could be doing their website extreme harm.  If staying up to date with SEO, or understanding the details of Google's changes are lost on you - then at the very least understand at a high level what they are trying to acheive, and know what SEO tactics Google recommends to improve your search results.

7 Things To Help SME Marketers Understand Google and SEO:

  1. Google isn't trying to make it harder for you to rank - they are trying to give the searcher the best results.
  2. Google is looking for sites that are reputable and trustworthy.
  3. Google is penalising poor quality sites - this means very little content, infrequently updated, few or poor quality links, lack of activity or engagement.
  4. Google is penalising sites that get involved with paid link farms and other black hat SEO tactics.
  5. Follow Matt Cutts - head of webspam at Google.
  6. Subscribe to SEO blogs like: SearchEngineLand
  7. Learn and use Google webmaster tools to make sure Google is searching your site without any errors.

7 SEO Marketing Tactics To Help SME Marketers Improve Their Search Rank

  1. Publish new content daily on your website - a blog is great for this.
  2. Publish different content; ebooks, videos, images, presentations.
  3. Publish new and different content on other reputable sites like industry organisations, Chambers and business organisations.
  4. Add social media share buttons to your content.
  5. Actively build your social media profiles.
  6. Engage with your social media community regularly.
  7. Share your content on social media sites.

If you have questions about blog writing, content marketing, social media or SEO please share them below. Or schedule a free marketing assessment to learn how you can improve your online marketing and SEO.

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