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Align Your Content To These 3 Stages Of The Buyers Journey To Boost Conversions

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 15-Jul-2015 10:00:00

Align_Your_Content_To_These_3_Stages_Of_The_Buyers_Journey_To_Boost_ConversionsIs your content attracting people who are likely to buy from you? Is your content aligned with information they’re looking for at different stages of the buying process?

A challenge many small businesses face is publishing content their prospects are looking for online. Creating a buyer persona, a detailed description of someone who is likely to buy from you, will provide insight into what information your prospects are searching online.

Last week I addressed buyer personas, the purpose of today’s article is to help you understand what information your prospects are looking for at each stage of the buying process.

Consider these 3 steps in a buyers journey when you’re creating content:

1. Awareness

At this stage of the buying process people are looking for a solution a to their problem or need. They’re aware of their need but not sure which is the right solution.

To ensure your content is relevant to people at this stage of the buying process keep it brand and company neutral, educational and helpful to help them better understand their need and identify the right solution.

At this early stage your prospects are not ready to speak to a sales person. If they downloaded an ebook this isn’t permission to start emailing them or calling them with a sales offer. All they want at this stage is the ebook they downloaded. Your next communication, be that email or call, should be in context. For example:

  • a courtesy email asking if the eBook downloaded ok (that’s it!)
  • a courtesy call a day or two later to make sure the ebook was helpful and to see if they have any more questions

2. Consideration

In the first stage your content was designed to help people understand their problem and provide educational, helpful information about the right solution. At this next stage of the buyers journey your content should educate them about your product or service and how you can help them.

Now is the right time to talk about your company and brand(s). They are interested to learn more about your company, how you can help them and why you are the right solution. Trust and credibility are important at this stage of the buying process. Publish content that communicates your processes, successes, awards and experience. Share client case studies and testimonies. Let people learn more about your company, share stories about your team and company values. Your prospects may not be ready to speak to a sales person but they do want to learn more about your company, brand, product and solution.

3. Decision

At this stage of the buying process people are ready to make a purchase decision.

Your content and offers should give them a reason to engage with a sales person or buy online. Offers like; free trial periods, discounts and consultations.

Marketing Tip:

Don’t assume all people take the same path or time when buying. Some people will spend 5 minutes on your website and have all they need to make a decision. Others will spend 10 minutes and only download the eBook. So make sure all your content is easy to find no matter where they are on your website or in the buying process.

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