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10 Ways Small Business Marketers Should Use Videos In Blogs

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 28-Feb-2012 00:35:00

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This article is a follow on from last week’s post 11 Marketing Strategies For Which Small Business Should Use Blogs. Assuming you’ve had the chance to read that article, I thought I’d share how to use video in your blogs and communication.

It’s great to mix up the format of your blogs with video, written word and images. As well as the style – entertaining, funny, educational and informative. Using different formats like video and presentations can help communicate an important message that the written word, alone can’t. Like bringing personality and life to your company and products. Here’s a few ideas on how to use video to keep your blogs interesting and valuable.

10 Ideas for using video in your blogs

  1. Q+A with your CEO.
  2. Interview with a client.
  3. Interview with an industry thought leader.
  4. Showing the service process.
  5. Explaining how to use the product.
  6. Introduce your company personnel.
  7. Production facility.
  8. Highlight quality of product, QC.
  9. Turn an existing presentation you presented into a slide show. 
  10. Create a presentation to communicate your message and turn it into a slide show.

If you still have questions, not sure how to start or just don’t have the time – learn how The Inbound Marketing Company can help.

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