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9 Tips To Increase Lead Conversions On Your Website

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 11-Jul-2012 10:36:00

Are you wondering how to convert more website visitors into qualified leads?

Many websites target visitors who are sales ready, with offers like: free consultation, contact us, free quote - you get the idea. But, have you thought about the visitors that come to your website who are just in the research phase and may not be ready to speak to a consultant or sales person?

These visitors are qualified leads, that aren't sales ready and are often an overlooked lead opportunity by many companies. Offers that convert visitors into top of the funnel leads are; how to guides, introductory ebooks and webinars. The value of these leads to marketers, is firstly, you get the contact information of people who are interested in your product or service, secondly, you get the competitive advantage of establishing a relationship with these leads at the beginning of the buy process, to build trust and credibility, and nurture them until they are sales ready.

Depending on your industry, leads may take from 1 day to 1 year (or more), from their initial research to purchase (buy process). During that entire process you want to make sure they know all about your company, and why it's your company they should buy from, and not the competition. So here are 9 tips to help you increase your website visitors into lead conversions:

  1. The landing page you are driving your traffic to must be relevant to the keyword (link), they have clicked on.
  2. Once the visitor gets to your site, they should, in three seconds, be able to find the information for which they are looking.
  3. Focus on one topic per page, and target only 1-2 keywords per page. Don't try to say too much on one page you'll overwhelm your website visitor, and risk losing them altogether.
  4. Your web pages should be clear and uncluttered.
  5. Make it easy for your visitor to know what they should do next - visit another page, fill out a form, sign up for a webinar etc.
  6. Include a call to action (CTA) button that stands out, and use a verb, telling your visitor what to do, "download", "click", "sign up", "register" etc.
  7. Have a lead conversion offer that is compelling and provides value to the visitor.
  8. Don't go straight for the sale. Think about where your prospect is in the buy process, and provide valuable information that will help them move to the next stage in the buy process. Are they wanting to learn more about your product or service, or more about your company?
  9. Turn your valuable information, into a lead generation offer (ebook, webinar, starter kit etc) and place it behind a conversion form. These are offers that require contact information like; name, company and email.

Here are two examples of pages with conversion forms, that we have on our website:

The first is a web page visible from the main menu, it's our Inbound Marketing Solutions Page.

Inbound marketing landing page



The second is a landing page (page solely designed for conversion). This is for our free ebook, notice there's no menu navigation, or links to other pages.


inbound marketing ebook landing page



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