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How HubSpot Marketing Software Helps Small Business Generate Leads

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 12-Jul-2018 10:06:00

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There’s no doubt the marketing industry is undergoing a dramatic change. This is primarily due to the fact that buying habits have changed. Consumers don’t want to be sold to; they want to connect with a brand and feel as though that organisation truly understands them and their challenges. And, as the world of marketing continues to change in response to the changing needs of consumers, getting leads has become increasingly challenging for small businesses. According to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound Report, when asked what is more difficult to do in sales compared to 2 to 3 years ago, 28% of respondents said ‘prospecting good leads’. 

These days, many marketing departments are allocating more of their budget to lead generation tactics, such as inbound marketing. However, many organisation are still struggling to be heard through the noise, and are not sure how to get in front of people who are likely to buy from them. In this article, we take a look at the current state of lead generation, and provide a simple solution to all your lead generation challenges.

The Current State of Lead Generation

Lead generation, the inbound way, is described by HubSpot as, “the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or services.” Why is lead generation so important? It’s important because the buying process is changing and marketers now need to find new and creative ways to reach buyers who don’t want to be simply sold to. Instead of the traditional outbound techniques (think: mass advertising and email blasts), businesses need to find new ways to connect, and build relationships, with buyers. Yet how are organisations supposed find the right people to connect and build relationships? According to the 2018 State of Inbound Report, generating traffic and leads is the number one marketing challenge for 2018. So the good news is, you’re not alone in your lead generation challenges. 

So … What’s the Solution? HubSpot’s All-In-One Marketing Software

We all know that getting leads is no easy feat, and so does HubSpot. That’s why they’ve created an all-in-one marketing software. HubSpot’s marketing software helps organisations optimise the process of getting found by people likely to buy from them, and converting those people into leads and customers. It is basically where all of your marketing comes together, allowing you to unify all your teams around a single suite of software that integrates everyone’s tools, data, and processes. And we know that when sales and marketing teams work together, that’s when we start seeing the best results. So … how does it work?

One Easy Timeline 

Trying to combine data from a bunch of disconnected tools and databases can waste a lot of time and money. With HubSpot Marketing Software, you can see every detail about a lead in one profile, while also viewing a chronological timeline of every touchpoint between that lead and your company (for example emails, content downloaded, social media interactions etc.) Although HubSpot has a free CRM, it’s Marketing Software does integrate with other CRMs giving your sales team valuable insight into the full picture of a person’s history with your organisation.

Build Targeted Lists and Grow Your Database

HubSpot Marketing Software allows you to build targeted lists, automate your email campaigns and ultimately grow your database. You can also build forms, to convert visitors into leads, and create custom property fields to gather important data on your leads and customers. You can then segment your contacts into lists based on any type of data you’ve collected, to personalise their experience with your organisation to ensure it’s relevant to them.

Easily Score Leads for Your Sales Team

HubSpot Marketing makes it really easy for you to identify the most qualified leads by assigning them lead scores automatically. How? By creating your own lead scoring criteria based on a characteristic or behavior. Or, you can let HubSpot do the hard work for you and allow the software to create a predictive scoring system.

Additional HubSpot Marketing Features That Will Help You Get Leads

Simple Blog Post Blueprints

Blog post blueprints allow you to publish content without having to worry about formatting. HubSpot Marketing then helps you get your blog post seen in search engines and social media by using real-time SEO suggestions, posting to social media at the right time and by sharing your posts with the right people.

Personalised CTAs

Easily create your own calls-to-action that will compel your website visitors to click and convert. Smart CTAs allow you to personalise what offers your website visitors see to ensure it’s relevant to them and where they are in the buying process. 

Professional Landing Pages

Launch professional landing pages in mere seconds without having to pay exorbitant fees for a web developer. Easily insert a conversion form and run A/B tests to increase your conversions over time.

To get started with HubSpot’s free marketing software, or to learn more about the paid versions, give us a call today.

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