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How HubSpot Sales Software Can Help You Close More Customers

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 06-Sep-2018 10:39:00

how to close more customers 

Salespeople are hired to sell, right? But did you know that the modern sales person spends just a mere 34% of their day actually selling? If salespeople are spending just a third of their day selling, what are they doing the rest of their day? Research shows the majority of a sales person’s day is spent carrying out administrative tasks such as writing emails, data entry, prospecting and scheduling meetings. Sound like a waste of time? That’s because it is.

Just like the state of marketing has undergone a dramatic shift, so too has the sales industry as it becomes more data-driven than ever before. There are countless new sales tools that promise to bring analytics and insights to the sales process. Not only will these sales tools optimise a salesperson’s time, they will also help maximise sales pipelines and close more deals. However, salespeople are yet to take advantage of these innovative tools like their marketing counterparts. It’s time that salespeople jump on the sales automation bandwagon in order to optimise their time and start closing more customers.

The good news is there are many tools and resources, some even free, that can help lessen the burden of repetitive admin tasks, so salespeople can focus on actually selling. Modern sales tools are designed help optimise a sales person’s time, such as notifications that tell you when a lead is on your website so you can follow up when you know they’re interested. Unfortunately, too many sales these days are getting lost because salespeople aren’t following up with their warm leads. Sales are also lost because salespeople don’t have the insight or data to help them prioritise which leads to follow up with first. The good news is you can boost your sales just by using the right tools that will save you time and provide you with relevant insights.

Introducing HubSpot Sales Software

HubSpot Sales Software is one such sales tool that promises to help you sell more and work less. HubSpot’s sales tools will save you time at every stage of the funnel, so you no longer have to spend a large part of your day carrying out administrative tasks. Instead, you’ll be able to get back to doing what you were hired to do: sell. Furthermore, HubSpot Sales Software is free to start, and incredibly affordable as you grow. Here’s how HubSpot Sales Software will free up your day and help you close more customers.

Automated Outreach

You may be wary of automated outreach because you believe it’s too impersonal, but that’s not the case with HubSpot sales. HubSpot’s sales tools allow you to queue up a sequence of personalised follow-up emails and reminders that get delivered automatically at the right time. Note how we said personalised? Not an impersonal follow-up email in sight!

Shareable Email Templates

The majority of salespeople spend 21% of their day writing repetitive emails. That’s almost a quarter of the day wasted. HubSpot sales helps you turn repetitive emails into templates while providing you with the metrics to measure their performance. You’re also able to share the best-performing templates with your entire team.

Follow Up with the Hottest Leads

If you find you’re losing sales because your team is following up with cold leads instead of hot leads, HubSpot’s software will put that to an end. HubSpot’s sales notifies you the second a prospect opens an email, clicks a link or visits your website. This provides your sales team with timely and relevant follow-ups with the hottest leads.

No More Manual Data Entry

17% of a salesperson’s day is spent manually entering data. HubSpot sales eliminates the need for manual data entry as every lead’s contact information, email opens and clicks get automatically logged. This frees up your time so you can get back to working on closing more customers.

Live Chat

Tired of leads falling through the cracks? They no longer have to when you have Live Chat, which allows you to connect directly with prospects when they’re actively engaging with your website. This helps you build better relationships with customers and likewise helps you close more customers.

Track Your Sales Pipeline

If you sync your HubSpot Sales Software with HubSpot CRM, you can track the deals you’ve won, lost, what’s in progress and more. You can also see which of your sales representatives are your greatest performers.

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