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Learn How to Align Marketing Tactics With Business Goals

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 31-Jul-2012 08:38:00

marketing and business goalsHow do you decide on marketing strategies and tactics for your business? Do you track the results? How do you know if they're working and if they're helping your business grow?

The first thing we do with our new clients is to first determine business and marketing goals, and then align marketing tactics to each goal. Here are some questions to help you get started with determining your goals.

  1. What is your revenue target for the next 12 months?
  2. What is the average revenue target per month?
  3. What is the average dollar spend per customer?
  4. How many customers do you need per month, to achieve your monthly revenue target?
  5. How many leads equal one customer?
  6. How many leads do you need per month? (multiply the answer to 5 with the answer to 4)
  7. How many website visitors do you need to achieve your lead goals?**

**Because the majority of consumers now conduct online research before buying, whether its online or offline, we'll focus on your website as the main source for lead generation.

If you haven't already you'll need to start tacking your traffic to lead conversion rate. For example if you need 20 leads per month to achieve your customer goals, and you know your lead to conversion rate is 2% you'll need 1000 website visitors per month. If 1000 website visitors is not realistic you may need to look at improving your traffic/lead conversion rate with better offers or improving your lead/customer rate with lead nurturing.

Once you have your goals in place for: website traffic, leads and customers you can begin testing and measuring different marketing tactics to see which ones yield better results.

Suggested tactics to achieve your website traffic goals are:

social media

  • blogging

  • seo

  • press release

  • networking

  • print adv with a QR code

  • online advertising

  • paid search

Suggested tactics to achieve your website traffic/lead conversion goals are:

how to guides

  • ebooks

  • webinars

  • free product trials

  • consultations

  • quotes

Marketing Takeaways:

Set clear goals for each step of the marketing process.

  • Identify the purpose and goal for each tactic.

  • Have lead conversion offers on your website.

  • Have a lead nurturing process in place.

  • And most importantly have the tools in place to track and measure everything.

If you would like some help creating an effective marketing plan for your business, or you want to learn about the best software and tools for marketing, testing and measuring we have some solutions - choose the one right for you.

1. Download the ebook

2. Attend workshop

3. Talk to us




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