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5 Steps To Help Marketers Create Content Marketing People Will Love

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 03-Oct-2012 08:03:00

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As a consumer, how do you feel when you receive emails and phone calls from companies who are trying to sell you something you have no need or desire to buy?

As a marketer does this frustrating experience compel you to get better at targeting your marketing message to the right audience? I hope so. I'm surprised by how many marketers are still using "spam" marketing techniques from a decade ago - buying email lists, sending mass emails, cold calling etc - not only are they costly tactics, they can do your brand and reputation a lot of damage.

"What is the solution?" I hear you ask. And I'm pleased you did, because I have an answer with my -  5 Steps To Help Marketers Create Content Marketing People Will Love:

  1. Understand your audience. What information is important to them, at the different stages of the buy process.
  2. Educate, create educational content based on what they want; blogs, ebooks, emails, social media posts, studies, videos, images, podcasts, presentations.
  3. Personalise the content by sending the right information at the right time. This is achieved by understanding your audience, and using the right software and tools to track their engagement with your company online.  So they only receive information from your company that is of interest to them, at the right time. For example if someone is in the research phase, they're not ready buy, and will respond to educational information rather than a discount or free consultation.
  4. Analyse, by tracking your marketing, such as; most viewed web pages, popular blog articles, landing page conversions or call to action clicks - you can learn more about which content your audience prefers.

Sounds like a marketers dream, doesn't it? The good news is that achieving marketing that people will love is no longer a dream, but a reality for companies big and small. With HubSpot Software and a certified Inbound Marketing Agency marketers can easily and affordably learn how to improve their marketing. Better marketing means, better ROI, more leads and customers, lower cost per lead and customer, and bigger profits.

If you would like to get better results from your marketing book in an obligation free demonstration of HubSpot's Software.

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