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12 Email For Inbound Marketing Tips by Hubspot’s Mike Volpe

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 15-Jan-2011 00:00:00

I try to sit on as many webinars as possible to stay up to date with technology and marketing. This week’s  webinar was about the The Role of Email in an Inbound Marketing World, by Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at Hubspot.  I learned some good points on successful email marketing and would like to share them with you.

  1. Have a specific goal for your email.
  2. Build opt-in subscribers, rather than buying poorly targeted lists that can have a negative affect on your credibility and brand.
  3. Concise - shorter emails are better.
  4. Avoid tables and columns these don't show up well on mobile devices.
  5. Use formattted text rather than images for visual appeal - larger fonts and bold.
  6. More content, less design – 67% don’t download images as a default setting on email.
  7. Mobile optimize your email – make sure your email can be easily viewed and read on mobile devices.
  8. Social optimize your email – make it easy for readers to share with their social networks and to connect with you.
  9. Build your social authority - both Gmail and Facebook have inbox capabilities that prioritise email based on your social connections and frequency of engagement.
  10. Start with your message then choose the right communication channel - should it be email, Facebook, LinkedIn or something else?
  11. Testing - is recommended to determine the best subject lines and offers. The recommended minimum sample is 5,000. This means you should have  a list of at least 15,000.
  12. Metrics - Click thrus and lead conversion rates are more valuable than knowing open rates. Open rates are not an accurate metric as emails can be viewed without being “opened”.

What are your tips for successful email marketing?  Do you think anything is missing from this list?

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