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Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing Part 4: Goals + Strategies

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 03-Feb-2011 00:00:00

For those of you new to the Izzy Learns Inbound Marketing blog, Izzy represents marketers, business owners and sales professionals who are looking for ways to leverage the latest technology to increase leads and conversions.

In the first article, Izzy discovered Inbound Marketing and Hubspot - you can read the earlier articles by going to the Izzy tag on the side menu. Izzy made the decision to learn more about Inbound Marketing because of the supporting research he read in The State of Inbound Marketing and Huspot’s Case Studies.

In todays article Izzy works out his goals for the year.

His revenue goals by the end of the year are $40,000 each month. His current conversion is 10% from lead to customer, and with the use of Hubspot’s lead nurturing and email marketing capabilities he plans to increase his conversions from 10% - 15% and drop his PPC campaign.

Izzy uses the Inbound Marketing Calculator to determine how many visitors he needs to achieve his goal.

inbound marketing calculator

Based on his current conversion rate of 2% Izzy needs 4,000 visitors per month, however if he increases his conversion from 2% - 3% then his monthly visitors drop to 1,778 – this seems a lot more achievable. With this in mind, Izzy decides to look at ways to improve his Visitor – Lead conversion.  

He starts by writing out the strategies that will help him achieve his goals:


  • Determining the right keywords – keywords his prospects are using.

  • On-page SEO

  • Creating lots of content, optimized with the keywords

  • Blogging x 2 per week – at least

  • Link building

  • Social Media, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube to build reach and awareness and drive direct traffic to his website and offers.

  • Create an offer that pulls prospects into his funnel – provides answers to their questions.

  • Landing page with conversion form

  • Lead nurturing

  • Email marketing

  • Closed loop analytics to determine which source (page, offer, referring site, social media site) is driving traffic and leads.

The next step is to determine the right keywords, before he starts to publish any content.

Choosing the right keywords must be done correctly from the beginning, otherwise all your other marketing efforts may be ineffective.

Do you have any suggestions, advice or questions regarding Inbound Marketing Strategies? If so , please take the time to share them in the comments section below - I would love to hear from you.

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