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How To Align Your Sales Process To The Way People Buy

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 23-Nov-2017 07:03:00

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Last week I published an article about the importance of aligning marketing and sales, this article will cover the next step in the sales process - how you should sell to the modern buyer. So much has changed in the way that buyers go about researching and buying solutions to their problems. What once worked even 10 years ago, just doesn’t cut it today. The traditional sales process no longer works on the empowered and informed modern buyer. To put it as simply as possible, the modern buyer, is looking for a personalised experience. Read this article to learn about the simple yet effective techniques for understanding and selling to your modern buyer.

Creating a Personalised Approach

A personalised approach is exactly what it sounds like. It’s based on knowing your buyer at a personal level, their unique goals and painpoints and how you can help them. This can be broken down into 3 simple ‘human lenses’:   

  1. Know your buyer – Connect with your leads on social media so when you follow up with them, either through email or phone, you can personalise your message to their recent activity.
  1. Know their goals -  You can do this via a form on your website, through email or on the phone. Before you start talking about how you can help them you need to hear, in their words, their description of their need and what’s important to them.
  2. Know the right solution – once you have a clear understanding of their need, what’s important to them you can determine if you are the right solution for them or someone else. It is important to position your solution to their unique need – use words they use. And don’t be afraid to walk away from a buyer if it is not a good fit – this can do more damage to your brand than you think

The Importance of Lead Nurturing

In today’s competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to get consumers to visit your website, ‘like’ your Facebook post or follow you on LinkedIn. Leads need to be broken down into specific groups, then nurtured through the sales process with helpful, valuable content that will convert them into paying customers. The modern buyer wants to feel valued and most importantly, they want to feel special, like you’re speaking to their needs directly. Research from the Demand Gen Report shows  67% of B2B marketers say they see at least a 10% increase in sales opportunities through lead nurturing, with 15% seeing opportunities increase by 30% or more.

Establish Contact Quickly

Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the seller that responds first to an enquiry. Try setting up an automated email that responds to leads’ enquiries straight away and ends with a question to help you better understand them, and to encourage a dialogue with them. For example: if someone downloads an ebook on replacement windows you could end your email with:  “Are you looking to replace your windows in the next few months?”

Educate, Don’t Sell

Studies show that 50% of leads are qualified, but not yet ready to buy. Make sure you are continuing to share links to educational content, such as: videos, webinars, e-books and blog posts. Show leads the value your company has to offer!

Personalise Emails and Keep Them Short

Personalised emails improve click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%, so do not underestimate the power of email. Leads should be able to glance at your email and within give seconds have an idea of the value it provides them. 

Why You Should Include Email Marketing When Selling to the Modern Buyer

Email marketing can often get a bad rap, but the truth is it remains a trusted marketing source among most consumers. This is because consumers are familiar with email, and it’s one medium where they feel a greater sense of control. In fact, research shows that for every $1 invested in email marketing can return up to $44.25.

To Wrap Things Up …  

The modern buyer values a personalised experience above all else. Your business needs to be using data and insights to understand who the buyer is and personalise their experience with your organisation. At the crux of it, the modern buyer wants to know that you understand them and their unique needs.

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