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Why Inbound Marketing Just Isn’t Enough for Small Businesses


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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 02 August 2018 19:03:00

Topics: Inbound Culture

How to Align Your Content Strategy with Your Customers' Buyer's Journey


These days, there is an abundance of content online, and it can be overwhelming for even the most prolific internet users among us. This content saturation, is making it harder for organisations to stand out from their competitors. In fact, recent research from BuzzSumo revealed that as a topic becomes more popular, there is often a massive increase in published content around that topic, which inevitably saturates the topic area and makes it harder to have your voice heard.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 26 July 2018 19:04:00

Topics: Buyer Personas, Buyers' Journey, Content Strategy

The 3 Steps to Better Understand Your Buyers’ Journey


The buyer’s journey. You’ve no doubt heard the term before, and perhaps it’s left you scratching your head asking, “What is this all-important buyer’s journey and how will it help my business?” Well, if you’re a small business owner who’s looking to grow your business, the buyer’s journey is what’s going to help you do just that, grow your business. These days, most of your customers will find the information they need to make a buying decision by themselves. So how do you make sure your organisation is what they decide on? You need to provide the information they are looking for at each stage of the buying process.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 19 July 2018 19:05:00

Topics: Buyers' Journey

How HubSpot Marketing Software Helps Small Business Generate Leads


There’s no doubt the marketing industry is undergoing a dramatic change. This is primarily due to the fact that buying habits have changed. Consumers don’t want to be sold to; they want to connect with a brand and feel as though that organisation truly understands them and their challenges. And, as the world of marketing continues to change in response to the changing needs of consumers, getting leads has become increasingly challenging for small businesses. According to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound Report, when asked what is more difficult to do in sales compared to 2 to 3 years ago, 28% of respondents said ‘prospecting good leads’. 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 12 July 2018 10:06:00

Topics: Hubspot, Lead Generation, Get Leads

4 Financial Benefits to Outsourcing Your Marketing to an Inbound Marketing Agency

These days, marketing focuses less on “mass” and more on building and developing customer relationships. That’s what makes inbound marketing so effective: it’s about understanding your buyers on a deeper level, which improves the overall experience people have with your company, which ultimately leads to better engagement and eventually, more sales. The thing is, the world of marketing is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep up. Modern marketing is a rapidly evolving industry with incredible opportunities … but it also comes with potential pitfalls for the inexperienced. Outsourcing your marketing to industry experts improves your business results, while simultaneously leaving you the time to focus on your business and what you do well. So, if your organisation has decided to adopt an inbound approach, here are 4 financial benefits to outsourcing your marketing to an inbound marketing agency.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 05 July 2018 10:02:00

Topics: Inbound Marketing, Inbound Culture, Outsource Inbound Marketing

3 Effective Lead-Generating Ideas for Your Content Marketing Strategy


Do you feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to think of effective ways to generate leads for your business? As Google continues to frequently update its algorithm, one thing has always remained steadfast: content is king. Organisations that rely on ranking high in a Google search for their marketing must offer fresh, relevant and valuable content. But what if you have great content but you’re still struggling get leads? An effective content strategy will do more than just attract buyers to your brand, it should also include compelling offers that will convert people from a website visitor into a qualified lead. 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 28 June 2018 10:03:00

Topics: Lead Generation, Content Strategy

A Guide To Understanding Your Buyers To Improve Your Marketing


Every small-to-medium sized business owner wants to understand their customers better; they want to know what make them tick, what their challenges are and how to relate to their customers as real humans. The question is … how do you better understand your customers? How do you get inside their minds? How do you truly connect with them? The answer is simple: buyer personas. A buyer persona is a semi-fictional depiction of your business’ ideal customer, based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 21 June 2018 10:03:00

Topics: Buyer Persona

How HubSpot Marketing Software is Helping SMEs ‘Get Found’


As a small to medium sized business, it’s safe to say one of your major marketing goals is to ‘get found’ or ‘attract’ people who are likely to buy from you, right? Attracting buyers is the first stage of the inbound marketing methodology, which we often talk about on this blog. Inbound marketing focuses on customer-centric marketing, or, marketing content that appeals to your ideal buyer by addressing their challenges and pain points. Yet how do you actually ‘get found’ by people who are likely to buy from your organisation?

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 14 June 2018 10:09:00

Topics: Hubspot, Get Found

How Inbound Marketing Is Helping SMEs Improve ROI


In the past, marketing efforts were hard to measure. Businesses would invest a lot of money into advertising to promote their brand, however, it was expensive, often too expensive for SMEs and difficult to accurately track the ROI. These days, it is easier for businesses to reach people who are likely to buy from them, with less money. This makes marketing in the digital age a lot more affordable for small business, with the added benefit of tracking the ROI. The digital age has really leveled the playing field, when it comes to reaching buyers, for SMEs.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 07 June 2018 10:09:00

Topics: Marketing ROI, Get Leads

3 Reasons Why SEO Needs to Be Part of Your Content Strategy


Chances are, you’ve heard the notion (or perhaps you’ve read it on this blog) that ‘content is king’ when it comes to improving your organic reach and driving more traffic to your website. However, when quoting this marketing mantra, people tend to forget content’s partner in crime – SEO. 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 31 May 2018 10:03:00

Topics: SEO, Content Strategy

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