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6 Benefits and 8 Stats You Must Know About Business Blogging

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 16-Feb-2012 13:32:00


We keep hearing it from the "experts" blog, blog, blog. But why? When I talk to business owners this seems to be the hardest task for many. But why?

As a marketer or business owner if you knew that blogging would help you grow your business would you find the time?

Im not sure what you already know or have heard about blogging but here are some Answers - cold hard facts - to the "But Why" question.

Blog articles are content, and must be part of your content marketing strategy. Here are 6 compelling benefits to publishing blogs on your website.

  1. Blog articles add pages to your site - Google loves sites with lots of pages.
  2. Blogging gives you a reason to be adding new and fresh content to your site - Google loves fresh content.
  3. Valuable content will position you as an industry thought leader and give your company credibility over the competition.
  4. Valuable content will be shared by others - Google has started adding social to search results.
  5. People link to valuable content - Google loves links - this is what gives your site/content authority.
  6. If Google loves your content and your audience is sharing, commenting and linking to your content you will get more traffic to your site. More traffic generally means more leads, and more leads means more customers - but this is really getting into lead conversion strategies which is  a topic for another article. 

Here are some slides from Hubspot's 100 Awesome Marketing Stats, on blogging.


1. It's a growing trend, its the way many now consume information!

inbound marketing blog stat read more


2.Reading blogs is becoming a daily task

inbound marketing blog stat 3


3. Chances are your competition is blogging. If not, you have a chance to get ahead of the competition, it's only a matter of time before they catch on.

inbound marketing blog stat4

4. If it's working for others it will work for you too.

inbound marketing blog stat 5


5. Make sure your prospects can find your blog when researching.

inbound marketing blog stat 6


6. More traffic = more leads = more customers

inbound marketing blog stat 7


7. If you want more leads, you'll need more web pages!

inbound marketing blog stat 8


8. If you want more pages you'll need to publish blogs.

inbound marketing blog stat9


If you're now convinced of the need and importance of blogging for your business for both thought leadership and lead generation, but you're still stuck, I have written a few articles with practical tips that will help:


Blogging Made Simple: How To Write About What You Know

A Content Calendar To Plan and Manage Blogs: Download Here


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