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10 Ways Hubspot Helps SMBs Be Smarter Marketers

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 05-Sep-2012 08:02:00

As a business owner or marketer, are you overwhelmed with knowing how to best spend your marketing budget, and time?  The internet and social media have in some regards, simplified marketing, and in other ways made it more complicated.

Once a upon a time marketing was about understanding your audience, what TV shows they watched, radio stations they listened to and which newspapers or magazines they read. Today, marketing is still about your audience, except technology now gives marketers the opportunity to better target the right message, to the right people - anecdotally I believe this is what has marketers confused.

Thankfully the smart people at Hubspot have simplified the technology so us marketers can be smarter marketers without completing a degree in IT or computer science.

hubspot software

Here are 10 ways HubSpot helps SMBs be smarter marketers:

  1. Time Efficiencies: one central place for all your marketing, saving you time with jumping from your email marketing software, to your website CMS, to Google Analytics and your various social media sites.
  2. Increase Lead Conversions: know how a lead engages with your company with one simple, comprehensive view.
  3. Boost Customer Conversions: trigger customised and relevant email messages based on your leads' interests.
  4. Improve Lead and Customer Engagement: automatically adjust your calls to action to match the needs and desires of leads.
  5. Grow Your Social Reach: automatically retrieve social information on your leads, then segment based on their reach and engagement stats.
  6. Create Conversion Pages: easily publish landing pages designed to convert a visitor into a lead without needing coding skills.
  7. Improve Your Marketing ROI: because all your marketing is in one central place you can automatically track all of your marketing efforts, both online and offline.
  8. Have A Mobile Friendly Website: Hubspots software automatically optimises your website for mobile devices.
  9. Publish Relevant Content: a user friendly platform allows you to easily update web copy, and publish blogs that will help with search rankings, social sharing and lead generation.
  10. Build Dynamic Lists: build lists based on specific lead activity, criteria and demographics - dynamic lists build based on the leads' activity as it happens so you don't have to manually create updated lists for each marketing campaigns.

All this sounds great! Right? Hubspot3 is a marketer's dream come true.

If you'd like to test drive Hubspot3 for free, and see how it can help you market smarter and achieve your growth targets.

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