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6 Ways to add Real-Time Marketing To Your Inbound Marketing

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 02-Nov-2010 07:23:00

real time marketing and prToday I sat in on a presentation by the visionary David Meerman-Scott. Leading the way in how marketers market – his latest book “Real Time Marketing and PR” is about the value of Real-Time Marketing to business.  Even though I haven’t had a chance to read the book, it only launched today, what he says makes perfect sense to a marketer.  Using social media as a tool we can identify Real Time opportunities to better market our business. So I wanted to share what I learnt, Real Time, so you can start implementing into your business strategies too.

Here’s a review from todays webinar  (mixed in with some of my points) and how to apply Real Time Marketing and PR to your marketing strategies:


  1. Take the time to learn the influencers in your industry
    • Bloggers
    • Journalists
    • Consumers
  2. Learn where they are and start following them:
    • Subscribe to their blog, articles
    • Follow them on Twitter
  3. Determine what keywords you need to be following:
    • Brand names
    • Company names
    • Competitors
    • Keywords your customers use
  4. Set up a system to be monitoring, engaging and leveraging trends and conversations
    • Google Alerts
    • Hootsuite/Tweekdeck
    • RSS
    • Twitter trends
    • Headline news
    • Local news
    • Specific news to your industry: sports, health and lifestyle
  5. Make the time to track these conversions, or appoint someone within your organization to be responsible
  6. Identify how you’ll leverage the conversations to achieve your business objectives
    • Customer service
    • Rapport building
    • Damage control
    • Lead opportunities
    • Public Relations
    • Exposure/awareness

… now Im off to buy the book!

Need some help with choosing the right keywords or Real Time Marketing? See if our Inbound marketing packages are right for you.

What are your thoughts on Real Time Marketing? Do you have any questions?




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