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Inbound Marketing - It’s Here To Stay

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 28-Sep-2015 12:00:00

One of my all-time favourite song lyrics is from Bob Dylan’s classic ’The Times They Are A-changin’. In it, he sings: you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.

I can’t think of better words to describe the pressure Australian businesses must be facing when realising the growth of the Inbound Marketing movement and their need to keep up with a rapidly changing industry. 

This month’s Inbound 2015 event should be all the evidence we need to know that the future of Inbound Marketing is very bright indeed. Actually, there’s a strong case to say that Inbound Marketing is the future of marketing.

This year more than 14,000 delegates packed into the Boston Convention Centre to take part in a four day program bursting with keynote speakers, discussions and events dedicated to Inbound Marketing.

Explosive growth

To put that figure in perspective, (only!) 10,000 people attended in 2014. This single event has seen a 40% increase in just 12 months. Even more jaw-droppingly, the number of people using the Inbound.org community has almost tripled from 35,000 in 2014 to more than 100,000 in 2015.

It speaks to the momentum that is gathering in the industry about Inbound Marketing and how it’s driving change and innovation in the industry.

It all began…

In 2006, when inbound marketing started to become the most effective marketing method for doing business online. It urged marketers to move away from tired and disruptive methods of marketing, such as advertising, email blasts and direct mail, to creating content that people truly love. HubSpot Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Dharmesh Shah summed it up perfectly when he said that Inbound is a ‘human friendly, empathetic approach to marketing’.

Fast-forward to 2015…

And some of the world’s leading businesses and entrepreneurs are clamouring to be a part of the Inbound movement. Inbound 2015 attracted some of the industry’s best and brightest minds, including Seth Godin, Brene Brown, Daniel Pink, Chealsea Clinton, Jon Ronson, Jonah Peretti and Sophia Amoruso. Each of them willing to attest to the importance of Inbound Marketing in achieving personal and business success.

Are we about to see a sales revolution too?

There can be no doubt that marketing has been changed forever. Future marketing strategies across all sectors will feature Inbound Marketing tactics as a key part of their program.

Not content with disrupting the entire marketing industry however, HubSpot now have their eyes set on the sales sector too. ‘The old Sales Book is dead,’ HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan said this month at Inbound 2015, as he launched new software that will turn the traditional sales method on its head.

Their new sales package streamlines the sales process. It puts sales managers in touch with ‘warm prospects’, automates the following up process, and integrates dozens of digital platforms into a single dashboard. Sales executives better start strapping themselves in for the ride us marketers have been enjoying for the best part of a decade.

In closing…

There are many things we can learn from the growth of Inbound Marketing, but one thing is clear: it is here to stay. And my advice to Australian businesses and non-profits? You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.

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