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What Is Going On At #Inbound13?

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 20-Aug-2013 19:51:00

inbound13logoEven though I'm a world away from Inbound13 geographically, I'm in Sydney they're in Boston, thankfully I can still keep my finger on the pulse of #inbound13 with social media.

For all of us missing #inbound13 let's check in and see what's going on...

  • According to @bhalligan, CEO and Co-founder Hubspot, 5300 people are at Inbound this year - double that of 2012. Note to self - add Inbound14 to the "must attend" list for 2014.
  • @dharmesh, CTO and Co-founder Hubspot, tweets that Inbound13 is a trending topic on Twitter - awesome!
  • @paulroezter tweets a video clip from Vine - showing the faces of people arriving at Inbound13. Check it out here This has me inspired to learn more about Vine.
  • Lots of tweets about connections, upcoming talks, pre show events and parties. Sounds like lots of fun with some of the words smartest - tech savvy marketers.

Day one kicks off with the keynote by @sethgodin - We Are All Inbound Now: The Epic Shift in Posture. And continues with over 55 talks covering every topic to do with sales, marketing, inbound marketing and Hubspot - here's a list of some of the talks that got my attention.

  • What to do when your customer ….! by Rick Roberge @rainmakermaker
  • How to build an inbound brand that wins every time by @tiffanysauder
  • Turning inbound objections into client conviction by Marcus Sheridan @thesaleslion
  • Transform your non profit with inbound marketing by @taylorlcorrado
  • Running successful customer marketing to earn life-long customers by Rebecca Corliss @repcor
  • Optimize your emails for higher click through rates and conversions by Sarah Goliger @sarahbethgo
  • Making "boring industry" content work for your business by @danmoyle
  • Attention to retention: selling clients to keep them by Todd Hockenberry @toplineresults
  • Keeping customers happy: the pillars of delight by @markkilens
  • The science of inbound by @danzarrella
  • Inbound commerce: how to sell better than Amazon by Sam Mallikarjunan @Mallikarjunan
  • Inbound sales: the secret to unlocking the ROI of inbound marketing by Frank Belzer @fbelzer
  • How to implement smart lead scoring
 by @jessicameher
  • Filling the gap: what marketers really need from agencies by @paulroetzer

I've included the Twitter handle of the speakers so you can follow those, who's topics interest you - just because you're not at Inbound13 doesn't mean you have to miss out on the information.

I believe August 20th Hubspot have a huge product announcement - so I'll be keeping a close eye on Twitter to see what this new reveal will mean for marketers across the world.

If you're at #inbound13 - share your thoughts below. Which talks did you attend? What did you learn? Are you a presenter? What's the atmosphere there?

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