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Simple and Effective Facebook Marketing for Small Business

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 12-Apr-2011 00:00:00

facebook marketing solutions for small businessWhat is your biggest obstacle with Facebook Marketing? Is it not knowing where to start, not convinced it will work for your business, or you don't have the time to test something new?

The purpose of this article is to simplify Facebook Marketing for small business owners and show you the basics to getting started, and why it's important to your business.

Let's cover the why first, and then we'll explore the how.


Why Is Facebook Marketing Important To Small Business?

  1. View your efforts in Facebook like building a database of valuable prospects and converting those prospects into leads for your business with top of the funnel offers.
  2. The use of Facebook is across all demographics and continues to grow - once you have a presence its easier to keep up with the changes.
  3. It's a relatively low cost way to reach your prospects, whether that's free promotion, paid advertising or engaging and getting valuable insight into your prospects' preferences, pain points and needs.
  4. It's a great way to encourage word of mouth marketing, Facebook is an easy platform to share and communicate.
  5. It's where your prospects are, it's where they hang out, communicate and socialise.


Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

  1. Create a Facebook Business Page if you haven't already.
  2. Send an email to your current network, email contacts, friends, family, colleagues - introducing your new Facebook page and inviting them to join you. Ask them to kindly share it with their network too.
  3. Add your Facebook url and link to everything possible: email signature, web pages, blog articles, all your printed material, monthly emails, online ads, traditional media ads - it should be everywhere your company is mentioned.
  4. Include a Call To Action (CTA), something like: Click here to join us on Facebook everywhere you have the Facebook logo and link to your Facebook page.


How Small Business Can Get Value From Facebook Marketing

Mix up what you promote on your status with:

  1. Links to all your valuable content: blogs, video, whitepaper, ebooks, presentations, webinars.
  2. Links to other valuable content from thought leaders in your industry.
  3. Links to valuble news articles.
  4. Share funny comments and stories.
  5. Ask questions - encourage engagement.
  6. Reply to everyone who comments on your links or posts on your wall.
  7. Share links to specific landing pages on your website that are designed to convert visitors to leads. Do this by offering a valuable ebook, whitepaper or webinar with a link to download it? This is how you can convert your connections into leads. Ebooks, whitepapers and webinars are great top of the funnel lead conversion offers.
  8. Mix it up - you're only going to yield a good conversion rate if you've spent time in the beginning sharing a lot of valuable information, building up a relationship and reputation with your connections.


MARKETING TAKEAWAY:  Facebook is good for lead generation, but first take the time to build trust and rapport with your connections by sharing valuable content that your audience is interested in.


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Do you have some questions about Facebook Marketing you'd like to see covered in upcoming blog articles? If so, I'd love to hear from you. Please share them in the comments section below.

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