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5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Inbound Marketing

Posted by Stacie Chalmers on 07-Apr-2016 07:00:00


This article comes to you from the waiting room for my mechanic’s service centre. My car is undergoing its mandatory service, mechanics tinkering with engine parts I would struggle to describe.

I used to feel guilty about relying on mechanics to fix my car when I could have learnt it myself. But I realised long ago that spark plugs and oil filters go well beyond my skill set.

I became even more comfortable with the idea of outsourcing when I realised that this is something we do in most areas of our lives. When my children are sick? I go to the doctor. Tax time is approaching? I go to the accountant.

The point I’m making is that when we don’t have the skills or expertise ourselves, we outsource. In most situations, it’s perfectly acceptable.

The same is true in our time-poor professional world. For many businesses, outsourcing has become a viable option for getting things done. But more than being a convenience, outsourcing industry expertise often delivers better results at reduced costs.

This is especially true for Inbound Marketing, a rapidly evolving industry flourishing with opportunities - and potential pitfalls for the inexperienced.

If your business needs to adopt an Inbound approach to marketing, here’s why you should consider outsourcing.

Marketing Channels Are More Diverse Than Ever

Email. Websites. Blogs. Facebook. Twitter. eBooks. Webinars. Instagram. Can you handle them all on your own? Do you know which ones your buyers are using?

The evolution of online communication has diversified how people send and receive information. Advertising used to be enough, but those days are long gone. Today people are in more control of their information sources and reaching them in the current environment is becoming a more challenging task.

By reaching out to industry experts you’re circumventing the trial and error process of do-it-yourself marketing, instantly accessing people who know which tools and strategies you need to deliver successful outcomes.

The Wealth Of Experience

By working with Inbound Marketing professionals, you’re working with a team of people who have worked with diverse brands across multiple industries. From B2B, B2C, Government and non-profit, Inbound Marketers have experience delivering results across multiple sectors. The benefit of this experience means they can use their past successes to tailor a program specific to your business and its needs.

Reduced Costs

We already know about the financial benefits of Inbound Marketing, and that each lead it generates costs 60% less than outbound. On average, businesses also save $20,000 each year by investing more in Inbound Marketing than outbound.

But when you outsource your Inbound Marketing efforts altogether, those saving accumulate. Consider what it might cost to employ an in-house graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager and media buying expert, compared to the cost of outsourcing those skills to an Inbound Marketing company.

Besides, if your Inbound Marketing is being outsourced, how much time does that free-up for you to concentrate on other parts of the business? The benefit of that additional time could be worth much more than dollars.

A Full Marketing Team For The Price Of One

A successful marketing strategy depends on the combined efforts of various experts. Graphic designers, copywriters, social media experts, web programmers and project managers along with the supporting software and IT infrastructure. With a single Inbound Marketing company, you have access to all of those resources.

Build Your Brand

The philosophy of Inbound marketing is about creating content people will love. Advertising has become the most over-rated marketing tactic worldwide as people look to brands to offer helpful and valuable content before making a purchase. Inbound Marketers know how to build an audience over time, using a combination of marketing tools to engage an audience, convert them into sales-ready leads and deliver great content that transforms them into customers and brand ambassadors.

Learn about matching content with your buyer's journey.

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