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6 Effective Ways to Use Social Media to Market Your Business

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 10 August 2017 07:02:00

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Social Media

Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Strategy



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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 27 July 2017 07:03:00

Topics: Social Media, Social Media Strategy

4 Social Selling Essentials To Drive Sales And Close Leads

As we know, the sales game has changed. Today’s customers are now 70% of the way through the buying process before they’re willing to talk to a salesperson. This reality has banished old sales tactics to the dustbin of history, hopefully never to be seen again. 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 23 February 2017 07:03:00

Topics: Social Media, Social Selling

6 Things Every Small Business Should Know About Data-Driven Social Media Ads

In recent times Social Media advertising has emerged as a powerful marketing force, particularly those backed by robust data and solid metrics. 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 19 January 2017 07:00:00

Topics: Social Media, Data Driven Marketing

Social Media Tips To Help Small Businesses Increase Traffic


As a small business owner, you already know that social media is a great tool to drive more traffic to your website, but are you struggling to see it work for your business?

Take a look at our tips below to discover how you can use social media to drive more people to your website.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 24 November 2016 13:01:00

Topics: Social Media, Get Found

Should I Use Facebook Or LinkedIn When Marketing My Small Business?

It’s a conundrum that can be the difference between profit and loss for small businesses: which social media platform should I focus my efforts on? 

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 25 August 2016 07:00:00

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Buyer Persona, Social Media, Get Found

Social Media For SEO, Email Marketing and CTA examples

Are you drowning in information, new ideas and ways to grow your business?

It seems everyone is an expert in SEO and Social Media, making it difficult for small business owners to break through the noise, and know to whom they should listen.

The purpose of this article is to share my favourite inbound marketing articles of the week, from the thought leaders I have grown to trust over the years.

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Posted by Stacie Chalmers 04 August 2012 11:21:00

Topics: Lead Generation, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media

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